I’m (not quite) Back!

Howdy, Hello and Hi. It turns out that I am not, in fact, dead. I’ve merely fallen into a black hole and am currently experiencing some awesome spaghettification. If you really want to get a feel for the blog, you should probably check out the last post, as this post is going to be a bit boring, and more about me than about delicious packages!

So some of you may be wondering “Where the heck have you been that you can’t take a few crappy pictures of some eBay junk and vomit a few words on a webpage about them?” Sadly, I haven’t been anywhere super exciting; I’ve actually been here, at home, where I pretty much always am. The thing is, I’ve been dealing with certain circumstances that have arisen which will mean that in two months or so, I will no longer be in my home. I will no longer even be in my country. It’s a pretty big deal, for me. I have been focused on one specific package, containing this:

The most terrifying visa in the universe.

That right there is a spouse visa for the UK. I won’t bore you with details, but suffice to say that when my future was on the line, a silly robot that buys tchotchkes from the internet sort of took a back seat. A very, very large back seat:

So. Many. Packages.

I now have roughly a quadrillion packages to open. I was going to make a post tonight with a handful of them gutted, but… the first envelope had so much tape, inside and out, that I managed to cut my finger open trying to get to the chewy candy center. It’s not terrible, I’ll be fine, thanks for your concern, but I really don’t feel like opening any more and being incredibly witty while my finger is bandaged into an unbending latex (or latex-free, who knows) mass. Anyway!

As you can see, I have a ton of envelopes to open, and I’m a terrible person (soooo much feedback to leave), and I have no idea what the future actually holds for the bot, seeing as I won’t be in the country anymore and I don’t know what the landscape of eBay UK is like… but I’m sure I’ll work something out. Probably. I’ll keep you posted, and hope to have an actual post with actual stuff very very very (maybe not that very) soon!

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  1. Sam says:

    Hey dude, where’ve you been?

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