An Updated Update

EDIT 08 NOV 2013: Hello to all the random reddit people reading! If you want to see actual things I have won, click back through the archives; you used to be able to click the “Loot” link up near the top but at some point apparently an automatic wordpress update killed my categories. I have a backlog of neat stuff to post still, I’ll probably throw all that stuff up some time in December, but I haven’t had a chance to poke at the bot since I moved to the UK a year or so ago. If you have any questions I’ve posted in the relevant reddit threads, I’m /u/Narmotur.

Hello, all my readers who may or may not exist! I’m pretty much mostly settled in now (he says, having taken over 3 months to find a bed) and I hope to have some pictures soon of the many unopened envelopes I left in the US when I moved, thanks to my brother. If the quality is significantly worse than you’ve come to expect, blame him. If it’s significantly better, I taught him everything he knows.

That said, I’m still not sure what to do with the bot once I run through the backlog. I just don’t know if you can get as much useless crap off eBay in the UK for cheap, and should I switch to 1 pound earned per day or is that cheating somehow? These are the questions that weigh heavy on my soul. Someday I’ll answer them. Not today though.

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  1. Skabandri says:


  2. BrenM says:

    Yeah man, we want more loots!!

    I mean, if you don’t wanna do it, give me the code and I’ll make a blog about it! ;D Hahaha

    No but seriously I will do it.

  3. Guy says:

    Please get the bot running again! I loved reading your blog, the things you get and the way you write about them are hilarious! It’s a shame you don’t have many readers :(

  4. WolfLord says:

    I’d love to get the bot running again, and I really want to get the pictures I have backlogged up as posts sometime soon; I’m dealing with some personal stuff through the end of the year that takes higher priority right now, but I’ll make a real effort to bolt things back together here early next year, so that I can make a bunch more posts that nobody will read until a year later when someone stumbles across the blog and posts another reddit link.

    Also, that was a huge run-on sentence!

  5. John says:

    This is one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever read, and I have seen the end of the internet. Looking forward to seeing the bot back up and running with useless UK junk!

  6. Hans says:

    Hey WolfLord.
    I recently read your whole blog from end to end, and I have to say I was very entertained. I sincerely hope you will find some way to continue blogging your experience with your bot.

    Thanks for a great read so far!

    Kind regards, Hans.

  7. alphyna says:


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