BidBots Need Hobbies Too

Those of you who are observant may have noticed that today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and yesterday is not the day I posted the previous post. Although I may have alluded to putting up another post right away, it was just a blatant lie I was terribly sick with some kind of mutant throat killer disease made of fire. I don’t get sick a lot, but when I do I’m a big baby. However, today I am able to do things without being in a drugged up haze, so lucky you, I’m posting packages!

Envelopes and padded envelopes, next to a pen, next to a floppy ruler! Woo!

A lovely little pile of treasures, next to the official measuring pen, which itself has been measured, weighed, and found wanting. Actually it was just measured, and it was found to be about 6 inches in length. An average pen it is. Time to tear into these and get at the delicious innards!

Baseball card! I used to collect any collectible card I could find. Is that still a thing? They aren't even electronic!

It’s a baseball card! “1989 Topps #333  P Bob Ojeda (New York Mets)” [#120932938970], just like it says on the handwritten note that was included. I really like getting a note from the seller, it makes the whole transaction seem really friendly! Also it’s the only human interaction I get. I’m really curious if they still make baseball cards like this, I used to love the hard mouth-stabbing  gum that would shatter into a million bits of shrapnel as soon as you bit into it. Kids these days with their Backstreet Boys and Dippin Dots and Drew Carey… what was I talking about? Price: $1.00.

Stamps! Thousands of them! Pretty sure that's accurate.

It’s the most interesting part of almost any envelope! “Many Canada CANADIAN Stamps. Used Stamps On paper. NO More ! 100% No Cut !” [#221047216625]. It is indeed many! Canada isn’t quite foreign enough to be interesting to me as an American, but they do say “about” pretty funny. “Aboot”. Ha! The stamps arrived inside a church donation envelope, wrapped in an H&R Block advertisement, stuffed in a regular white envelope. Possibly more interesting than the stamps themselves! To me anyway. Price: $0.99. Moving quickly along to…

Stamps! Fewer of them!

It’s the most interesting part of almost any envelope! No, it isn’t a glitch in the matrix. Or a bug in my code, for once. “AUDUBON – MICRONESIA, SCOTT #C15 MNH SINGLE” [#320921776043]. The auction was for a single stamp, but I included the envelope because it was mailed with 3 different stamps attached as well! It was at this point I decided that the bot must be into stamp collecting, which puts us at odds, because as a former coin collector, I know coins are way cooler than stamps. “WolfLord?” I hear you ask, because I’ve chosen to use that alias to post on this blog. “WolfLord? Why the heck are we looking at two stamp auctions in a row here? Isn’t there code to prevent multiple auctions from the same category within a certain amount of days?” A very good question! You must be very very smart and cool and rich and handsome! eBay has roughly a hundred million billion times infinity plus one categories; right now the general “Stamps” category has 15 subcategories. Those subcategories have further subcategories. And so on ad nauseam. While I could try to filter out based on parent categories, I think that would be overkill, and also I secretly hope that the bot buys me a bunch of cheap coins. Price: $0.90.

It's some kind of... things. In a plastic holder. That's about as descriptive as I can be.

Here we have an, uhhh, “Handicraft”, says the envelope. That doesn’t really narrow it down. $8 value! Once again, the bot is the master of good deals. Let’s see what the hell these are… “Easy Design Dresser’s Eye Shadow Brush Majic Fashion” [#120927201161]. That… doesn’t really explain much. Let’s check out this picture from the auction itself:

I totally stole this image from the auction page. Yarr, piracy!

Those are some scary ingredients. Isopropylmyristate? “CI77007”? I don’t think it’s candy anymore. Apparently, it’s some kind of magic eye shadow applying styrofoam spatula. Although the random stripes of red and black look nice, I’m more of an autumn, so I don’t think I’ll put them to use. (I have no idea what I’m talking about.) Price: $0.99.

It's a tiny metal thing in a big padded envelope. Or an average size metal thing in a gigantic metal envelope. How big is that pen again?

Last up, it’s something SAMSUNG branded! Sadly it isn’t a dehydrated plasma TV. No, it’s a “NEW OEM LI-ION BATTERY FOR SAMSUNG U460 INTENSITY 2 (VZW) AB46365UGZ” [#300727854153]. Spoiler alert; it may not actually be a “NEW OEM LI-ION BATTERY FOR SAMSUNG U460 INTENSITY 2 (VZW) AB46365UGZ”. I’ve had mixed results with batteries from eBay, and at this pricepoint, it may be full of sawdust. Really cheap sawdust. Sadly, without a SAMSUNG U460 INTENSITY 2 blah blah blah, I can’t actually find out! Because of this, I’m going to assume it’s awesome, and feel smug about my great deal. You wish you were as thrifty as me! Price: $0.99.

There you have it, another lovely pile of loveliness. Nothing much to report aside from that. I changed the way I upload images a bit, so that the blog auto-resizes them and now you can click through to see the original image right off the camera, if you were so inclined. They’re pretty big though, so if people hated it, I could go back to manually resizing. The bot also ended up buying “40 Free Advertising Sites $1.00 Vemma Verve MLM Network Marketing Multi Level” from an unrelated (in my opinion) category, so I now filter on “MLM” in the auction title. Hopefully that’s good enough, as emailed lists of sites that you can spam on is pretty boring blog material! Well, more boring than usual anyway. Slightly.

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