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It’s another loot post! I’m actually slightly backed up on loot, I’ve been a bit sick, but I’ll catch up over the next day or two. Here’s half the current haul:

Envelopes! They's got stuffs inside!

Here’s the first two envelopes. I’ve decided going forward that I’ll just be taking pictures of one envelope at a time, allowing me to easily post them as I see fit, rather than saving up a bunch so I can have a stack of packages and then taking all the pictures at once. It lets me be both lazy and efficient. Woo!

First up we have…

Leopard print dog tie. You read that right.

This amazing leopard print tie! I realized a little bit ago that I have nothing to give a sense of scale in these photos, and it’s probably a pretty big deal here, as this is a tie meant for dogs. Yep. “Adjustable Pet Dog Cat handsome bow tie Necktie clothes L001”. I honestly have no idea! Price: $1.25. Also included was a business card sized advert for a website that sells genuine famous brands. Direct from China! Speaking of direct from China…

PROFESSIONAL SCREEN GUARD. Also crazy professional rainbow hologram print.

It’s the most amazing iPhone 4 screen protector I’ve ever seen. “New Clear Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 4G 4S Lcd screen guard “. The packaging for it is rainbow holographic I don’t even know. The text is great as well! “THE GREATEST GUARDER FOR LCD SCREEN”. The package also says Japan, although it did come from China, so my segue was valid. Let’s check out the back of this thing:

The back of the screen protector. Still holographic!

Once again my camera skills shine through. The “engrish” isn’t really that bad. The psychedelic rainbow effect is still rocking in full force. All in all, very professional indeed. I’m pretty sure the Apple design bible calls for liberal use of rainbow hologram squares on your packaging. That’s how they got such a huge market share. It’s hypnotic! Price: $0.11. Up next is the first package I took a picture of on it’s own.

It's an envelope that says "Pugster", but has no pugs inside.

For some reason they stapled it shut, I’m honestly surprised the postal equipment didn’t eat it. I also used my amazing Photoshop skillz (the z stands for AWESOME) to remove my name and address and suchlike, so internet pirates don’t track me down and steal my precious booty. That’s how it works, yeah? Shipping cost, $1.64. What could be inside?

Pugster envelop contents.

A coupon for 25% off if I order on their website, some bubble wrap, and a tiny, tiny Italian flag charm bracelet bead. “PUGSTER CZ HEART SILVER TONE CHARM BEAD FOR BRACELET P25”. The size of the package compared to the actual bead is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure it could have been mailed in an envelope the size of a normal stamp. It makes my head explode! Price: $1.36. I think up until now this is both the most expensive and smallest item to date. Breaking records here, people! I also apparently decided to not block out the return address on this picture. I’m not really sure the right way to go about it. I don’t think a company with a branded envelope would mind their return address being placed on the internet, but a person selling things on their own might. I’ll just have to wing it.

Now then, the reason for the post title, and the first time one of the packages has been put to a good use:

A corgi in a leopard print tie. Astounding!

It’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in a leopard print tie. The best thing to come from this project so far and well worth the hassle. Here’s hoping the bot will find a “Dog Top Hat Tophat FANCY RARE L@@K” soon, and the ensemble will be complete!

There were some minor issues with the bot choking on things, nothing too important, I forgot to actually check if an auction was successfully added to the bots brain after bidding started, forgot to sanitize some data, accidentally subtracted 20 minutes from a timestamp instead of adding it, that sort of thing. Hopefully it should have less “something crazy happened” moments from now on. And by less, I mean none. Or like one a week max. I’m a software engineer!

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