The Envelope, Please

So, it turns out that while I was under the weather, I ended up with a slightly bigger backlog than I thought. In total 9 things have arrived since I last took pictures, so what I’ve done is break up the haul into either regular envelopes or padded/large ones. Today is former, and tomorrow (plus or minus some amount of time) will be the latter. To the letterbag!

An envelope, poorly edited to remove addresses.

First up we have… an envelope! For whatever reason I took this picture of the front, and then decided to edit out all the address info. I guess you can look at the pretty stamp? In the future I just take photos of the back, because editing out the address is tedious, and I don’t even know if people want to look at a bunch of envelopes! Let’s move on to the important bit, the delicious candy center:

A picture of a collectible sports card in a protective holder, obscured terribly by a camera flash.

Argh it’s like staring into the sun! It turns out plastic is pretty reflective. Who knew? This is the best picture out of the 4 I took, so, I’m sorry. Anyway, what we have here is a “2011-12 NBA Hoops #192 Vince Carter Dallas Mavericks”. Seemed to be in good condition, and well protected in a clear yet highly reflective card holder. I don’t really know enough about basketball to make a witty comment here, so consider yourself lucky. Price: $1.49.

The backside of a yellow envelope.

Here we have a lovely yellow envelope, the only colored one of the bunch. It’s gonna get pretty samey from here forward, envelope-wise, so loosen up that scrolling finger. Inside we have…

Some thank you tags placed on top of the yellow envelope. Tasteful.

“15 beautiful thank you tags”. They’re actually pretty nice, the cardstock they’re printed on is thick, and they have some nice blue ribbons tied through them. If I wasn’t an ungrateful jerk, I’m sure I’d put them to good use. Price: $0.99. Here’s another envelope!

An envelope. It's envelopey.

I’m beginning to think maybe an all envelope post wasn’t the most enthralling idea I’ve ever had.

Some kind of army clothing thing. I have no idea!

Inside we have… something! “BDU Embroidered Rank Colonel Air Force”. I’m really not sure what purpose it serves, although I tried to look into it. It has something to do possibly with being worn with a Battle Dress Uniform, which possibly have been phased out… I honestly couldn’t figure it out. I’m not even sure if the edges of the fabric are frayed because it’s low quality or if they’re meant to be that way or what, it’s all very mystifying! In any event I don’t want to anger any members of the armed forces, so I’ll stop rambling here. Price: $0.99.

An envelope. Inside are goodies!

This envelope was mailed upside down for some reason! It’s wacky!

A small coin on a big envelope.

Inside we have a “TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 25 CENTS  1980”. I was born in 1980, so I had an instant connection with this coin. However I’ve never been to Trinidad and Tobago, so we sort of went our separate ways. Here’s another example of large packaging to item ratio, most of it was taken up by two sheets of blank paper wrapped around the coin. Let’s get a closer look:

Closeup of said coin. It's round and metal.

The coin seems to be in good shape, not mint or uncirculated (I don’t think), but everything is crisp. I took a closer picture that looked better, but it turns out if you try to soften a camera flash with your fingertip, you just get a blood red tinted picture that looks like a horrorshow. I’m pretty happy to get a random coin, as I used to collect them when I was younger. Something satisfying about handfulls of metal currency! Price: $0.99.

An envelope. I sense a theme.

Bam, envelope! Be brave, it’s the last one.

Three microsd to sd card adapters. Also some paper.

“3Pcs BRAND NEW MICRO SD CARD ADAPTER FOR ALL GB AND MB MICRO SD CARD/TF ADAPTER”. Not much to say about these, 3 of your standard microSD adapter cards, no microSDs included. Again, wrapped in a sheet of paper in an envelope much bigger than they are. Funny story about these, the one I had in the camera I’m using is totally broken, and someone I know offered me a replacement like 6 months ago. They dragged their feet sending it and the day I got the damn thing, the bot bought these. Alright, not that funny, but isn’t it ironic, don’tcha think? Coincidental anyway. Yep. Price: $0.38.

So, that brings us to the end of this envelope laden post! I really wish I had readers, so I could get some feedback on the best way to present this sort of thing, because I have a feeling I’m doing it wrong. Ah well. You may also have noticed (or not because you don’t exist) that we have moved to a proper domain,! If you have no idea what that means you should really check out the origin story, just click the “About” link somewhere near the top of the page. The bot hasn’t exploded at all recently, which is good, however since I said that I expect it will go crazy tonight.

3 Responses to The Envelope, Please

  1. Sarah says:

    Reading because of your reddit post. This blog is actually rather entertaining. Personally, I only care about the hauls but I’m sure others will care about code. Definitely less photos of envelopes, I really don’t care about packaging. If you used the same item (a pen) every time for a size reference that would help.

    • WolfLord says:

      Hey, thanks for the feedback! I think you’re right about the envelope pictures, most of them are pretty samey. A pen for scale isn’t a bad idea, I think I’ll go with that for the next post!

  2. Jase says:

    Not sure if you’ll see this because it’s been almost a year since your last update ;) But I found this blog and have been really enjoying these posts! I love the random “What’s in this” factor, (Keep showing the packages before the opening. I think that’s a good idea – envelope or not) But yeah – the code stuff was a bit over my head. Nevertheless, an enjoyable blog and humorous as well! :)

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